Ross Rebagliati won the first speed snowboarding gold medal on more than 8 times the “legal limit” of THC in the bloodstream.

Cannabis Act – driving high:

2-5 nanograms of THC = $1000 maximum dollar fine

Over 5 nanograms = fine plus jail

Cannabis plus other drug = $1000 minimum plus jail



“In 1998 at the Nagano Games, Rebagliati recorded a level of 17.8 ng/ml, and argued the test resulted from second-hand smoke, which he still says.”

Rules change on Olympic marijuana testing


BC government regulations – driving high:

Third offense:

– seizure of driver’s license for ninety days
– vehicle impounded for thirty days
– $400 fine
– driving course
– possible mandatory ignition interlock (device that measures THC or blood-alcohol level in blood to turn on a vehicle)