Kids are 35 times more likely to go to the hospital for eating Tide pods than cannabis edibles

Claim: There’s an increase in critical care unit admissions for children in US states where cannabis was legalized

Verdict: Yes, but that doesn’t prove cannabis is bad

“When you have more of a substance around there can be be exposure and overdose,” said Goldstein. “That doesn’t make the substance bad.” Goldstein said this really boils down to a parenting issue—she advises parents to keep their cannabis in a high up place where kids can’t reach it, or in a locked cabinet, the same as with other prescriptions. She said when a child is admitted to the ER because of cannabis ingestion, generally speaking there’s no medical intervention necessary—you check their vital signs and, if they’re asleep, wait for them to wake up.

Haines-Saah told VICE in states where weed is legal, parents may also feel more comfortable calling poison control centres or taking their kids to the hospital for accidental cannabis ingestion because they know they aren’t going to get arrested. For 2016-2017 in Alberta, there were 20 pediatric ER visits for cannabis ingestion compared to 700 for ingestion of Tide laundry pods.

We Fact Checked an ER Doctor Who Said Weed Edibles Can Kill Kids

She got a lot of things wrong.

Aug 20 2018, 1:46pm