Justin Trudeau lied about supporting pot dispensaries in order to get elected

While Justin Trudeau campaigned to be elected Prime Minister back in 2015, he discussed a broadly inclusive cannabis legalization model:

“We have to create an entire system that controls and regulates marijuana that will include medical marijuana and properly licensed dispensaries. How we go about doing that will be deeply informed by the lessons learned by the United States and other places so we build the right model for Canada,” 


“The challenge of getting this important initiative right is one of ensuring we are broadly listening to partners, to folks in the medical marijuana industry, to municipal partners, to provinces and drawing from best practices from around the world,” he said. “We’re going to get this right in a way that suits Canadians broadly.”


We need a fresh approach that controls and regulates marijuana…”

In this video Trudeau mentions dispensaries in a list of things he’s in support of (YouTube – Steven Stairs – Oct 12, 2015).

Trudeau also appears to support home-growing, and throughout his speech he says he’s in favor of “freedom.” (Youtube – Steven Stairs – Oct 9, 2013)

Right off the bat Trudeau appeared eager to move quickly:

In a March 15 interview with CKNW, the leader of the Liberal party told Gord MacDonald he would take immediate action to decriminalize the drug. “Will you bring forth legislation to do that in the first session of Parliament … ?” MacDonald asked. Trudeau’s response: “Yes, it is our intention to move on this in a very rapid fashion. I mean, there were some mistakes made south of the border that we can learn from about leaping before looking and thinking it through. But it is something we plan on moving on immediately.”

Trudeau never stressed “enforcement” before the election.

He’s stressing it now:

Asked what municipalities could do to deal with the scourge of such pot shops, Trudeau did not mince words: “You can enforce the law.”

Trudeau Lied About Legalization. The Cops are Lying About Cannabis Culture